How To Use Facebook As A Marketing Platform?

Facebook is a powerful social media that has over more than 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook has become the essential marketing platform with massive audience engagement and has become the impossible platform for marketers to ignore on their marketing strategies. The user demographics of Facebook state that large portions of potential audiences visit at least one business daily. This makes Facebook a greater platform for digital marketing efforts.

Facebook continues to be the undefeated champion among various social media giants like Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and much more. Facebook is the number one platform for users to connect and share online. Many businesses prefer using the platform as an active marketing tool to promote their brand or business online. The popularity of Facebook and higher audience engagement has made marketers rethink their marketing strategies. Millions of businesses use Facebook as an effective marketing medium to market their businesses in various ways, such as:

  • Promote their business online
  • Reach and engage the target audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost SEO by increased traffic
  • Increase business ROI (Return on Investment)

The user demographics will help you understand and reach your target audience and create a community of target audiences. Facebook is a potential platform to promote your business effectively. This article will help you with five various ways to use Facebook as a marketing medium to develop your brand identity and to broaden your reach.

Make Use Of The Facebook Business Page

Statistics prove that more than 80 million businesses worldwide use Facebook page to promote their business, increase online presence, share business details such as company address, exciting offers, and much more. The Facebook business page is a free marketing tool for marketers to identify themselves. Business pages connect with audiences through product or service offerings on a customizable page by sharing links, images, and attractive content by creating a better business personality.

Facebook business pages help marketers develop their brand identity and Facebook page insights, which help you find what works best and what needs improvement. Understand your target audience, and share what they love to see to increase user engagements to develop brand awareness.

Facebook Advertising

Businesses implement Facebook Advertising into their social media marketing strategy to increase their business impressions and drive traffic through website clicks or product landing page clicks. Facebook advertising for marketers helps in various features, such as:

  • The ability to plan and set advertising budgets.
  • Target audiences through Facebook data demographics such as age, gender, interests, and location.
  • Facebook Advertising testing, where multiple ad tests can run to compare setup and ad designs.
  • Ad performance measurement tools.

Facebook offers advertising types and is more specifically referred to as Marketplace ads. The call to action button such as visit the website, buy now, contact us, order now, will result in more engagement and traffic to the landing page or website. Facebook advertising results in greater brand attention and increased Return on Investment.

Facebook Contests

Running Facebook contests is another essential marketing tactic that every marketer needs to include in their marketing strategies. Facebook business contests increase fan interactions and gain more brand awareness. Marketers can use a third-party application to promote their Facebook contests and direct users from the Facebook page.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories on Facebook are similar to Facebook ads that help track user’s interactions such as impressions, the action performed, shares, and much more. Sponsored Facebook stories are the word of mouth marketing technique that will have the user perform a similar action as their friends. Stories get overlooked in the audience’s feed and get a preferred position. Facebook reports that Sponsored stories gain more than 45% of a higher click-through rate than regular ads, making it an important tactic in their Facebook marketing strategy.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts on Facebook means that the marketers or business pays a flat rate to have their content or Facebook post reach a certain number of audiences to increase specific Facebook post’s reach and impressions. Facebook promoted posts increases the probability of being seen by various target audiences worldwide. Measure your performance through insights to track your target audience, who are highly interested in your business. Create engaging content and identify what content works best, who are your target audiences, how to improve the content, and also identify what needs improvement. Create and plan your strategy to get better results and analyze your business performance.