How Data-Driven Approach Contributed To TikTok’s Growth?

At the beginning stage, marketers randomly invested money in TikTok influencers and hoped for better results. Certain apps align TikTok’s forceful approach and guesswork into something predictable through logic. The user needs to have a different mentality to succeed in the TikTok platform. The data collection method in TikTok tracks a considerable amount of scores and ensures they move in the appropriate direction. There are various label partners termed as velocity that monitors the progress of the songs on TikTok. 

TikTok also provides subscription services and offers the music industry with the required context for playlisting. Brands such as ELF Cosmetics and Chipotle have reached TikTok at its blooming phase. Brands also shared the success stories of their interactive challenges, and it paves the way for marketers to use the TikTok platform after the pandemic situation. Enhancing partnerships with the creators of the app helps brands to increase their budgets and reach audiences on the trending platform. Balancing brand safety with authenticity allows marketers to buy TikTok likes and more opportunities on the platform.

Successful marketers such as General Mills and PepsiCo canceled their budgets spent on traditional Television networks. Even brands that have not been involved much in conventional marketing are compelled to be creative in developing new efforts while having production on hold. The measures include a rise in interactive designs to create deep brand relationships and grow the community.

Chipotle introduced a group of “Chipotle Together” sessions to relate celebrity guests and fans. Hashtag challenges are a popular strategy for building community because they are more interactive and fun. The brands need to be cautious that they do not merely hop in the platform. Almost every TikTok content is provided by creators and not brands. Brands need not hire a creative agency and proceed with a million.              

Earlier this year, the quantitative tools explored new trends and identified methods to acquire dividends. A wave of emotional content that was dramatic and sad took off the TikTok platform. It is understood that the TikTok algorithm functions in accordance with the watch time of the videos. So the influencers use the entire video clip and include materialistic aspects. Many users use TikTok as a catalyst to turn songs into sudden hits. Most people compel trends to happen too instantly. If a good song is exposed to the app, a trend is initiated.

Indian users spend more than half an hour on the TikTok platform daily. Also, specifically in 2019, android users spent nearly sixty billion hours on the TikTok platform. Again, in the same year, the app’s revenue crossed about hundred and seventy-seven million, and total downloads increased up to 1.5 billion. TikTok holds a retention ratio of twenty-six percent each week. Byte Dance was recognized as one of the private startups with a valuation of around.

The importance of the TikTok market is inevitable in the Indian market. As an initiative, the app introduced an education program and strived to stay in the good books of the nation. TikTok successfully persuaded authorities and abided by the regulations to reach the app stores in the Indian market. TikTok ranks fourth among the social media applications across the globe. iPhones are predominant among TikTok users in the United States. In 2018, TikTok is a highly downloaded non-gaming application. TikTok’s position in the overall global market contributed to the increased percentage of users.  offered substantial support to active users on the platform, specifically in the U.S market. users were genuinely excited by the new functionality of the app. Also, TikTok consistently invested in advertising. TikTok followed a key strategy of advertising on competitor platforms. TikTok’s merge with was not an easy task and faced a lot of challenges. TikTok gained the potential to grow in the U.S market despite the rumors that surrounded the app.

Global Web Index has reported that Asia has the highest penetration of the TikTok application. TikTok officially announced a partnership with iFlix in thirteen countries of Southeast Asia. This enabled users to select TikTok clips provided in the “iFlix Library.” In India, the majority portion of the users is teens. Also, in Indonesia and South Korea, there is a decline in user numbers with the increase of age groups. TikTok hosted a talent contest named “All-Star Southeast Asia.” Users participated on a broader scale, and it comprised a judging panel that included actors, singers, and television celebrities from the southeast Asian region.