The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Stories

People prefer Instagram over many other social media platforms due to the easy accessibility and hassle-free browsing it offers which allows its users to surf through the things which interest them anytime, anywhere. That is one reason why various businesses and companies, local or MNCs, target Instagram in particular for their marketing campaigns.

Instagram and Marketing

While carrying out a marketing campaign on Instagram, one needs to keep in mind the various methods for capturing the attention of their audience. Various brands post content and images on their profiles to keep their followers and their customers up to date. In order to be more active and to have frequent interactions with their customers, many pages put up stories asking for recommendations and questions. For boosting up the view-count of their stories, one merely needs to buy Instagram story views online through which their stories would automatically be distributed among various individuals on Instagram for viewing. This technique can increase the views on any story exponentially. Hence, many pages buy Instagram story views online and utilize the service to expand their reach.

What to Keep in Mind While Promoting a story?

Although, to buy Instagram story views is a great option, yet in order to receive the full benefit of the service, one needs to remember some crucial aspects that a story should be comprised of.


  1. Keep your advert as classy and straightforward as possible. Use intelligible and large enough fonts for the convenience of viewers.
  2. If your ad has more of a quirky style, use pastel colors to make it appealing to the viewers.
  3. Imagination and innovation is the key, so come up with something unique and witty to garner attention.
  4. The addition of simple animations serves as a great curiosity catcher.
  5. Make your stories interactive by adding questions and suggestion boxes. Also, add the link to your website to provide your viewers with a source of adequate information.


  1. Cramping too much content in a story confuses the viewers; hence the story should never be filled with haphazard write-ups.
  2. Adding more than 2-3 stories for the same advert makes people lose interest. Hence it should be avoided.
  3. Using more content than pictures is a no-no. Most people are there for the visuals on Instagram.
  4. Random layouts may cause your viewers to miss out your stories. Prefer keeping a set kind of layout which people can associate with your stories at a single glance.
  5. Try creating new adverts. Repetitive stories lose the potential of bringing in new customers and followers.